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Awọn Asalaye Differences Di Ọjọ Ninu Ayelujara Ninu Ayelujara Ti O Wọle Ni Aami: Ayewo ti Semalt

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Awọn oju-iwe ayelujara ti awọn oluwakiri ti awọn agbegbe pupọ ko ni awọn ipo kanna. People from the United States and Europe have different tastes on the color, site structure, page layout, image and other web sites, which are also different from Asian and Asian preferences. Afirika - how long can corn be stored.

Max Bell, le expert de Iyọlẹgbẹ , explains the question of cultural preferences in web design and why they affect the web traffic of a particular site.

Njẹ aṣa culture ṣe pataki?

Awọn oju-iwe ayelujara ti o da lori awọn oju-iwe ayelujara nyara laipẹ si aye ti o wa ni agbaye ni igba ti o ti pari. Agbaye-iṣowo jẹ ajọpọ ti awọn aṣa miran ti o ṣe afẹfẹ si gbogbo awọn igbadun. Responding to preferences du marché targeted by various cultures requires a deeper understanding of existing diversity and integrates them to create a web site that is identifiable with a cross-cultural culture in addition to the application of SEO mechanisms.

The design of a Web site can attract a group of people selected only because of the design used which may seem less appealing to other groups. A good choice will meet the taste of the majority of targeted buyers while using benchmarking systems.

Kini awọn agbegbe iwadi lori aṣa ati oju-iwe ayelujara?

A local study conducted by a team of web designers examines the similarities and differences, presented on the American Dental Web sites, in relation to such sites in the Netherlands. The study contains significant information on culture and presentation on the Web. US sites have pictures of beautiful white teeth. Ni idakeji, awọn Netherlands ko fẹ la blanchiment, ati awọn ifihan ti dents blanches ko ni ibatan pẹlu awọn oju-iwe ayelujara. Awọn opo alawọ brown jẹ awọn ilu..

Awọn iyatọ ninu alaye si oju-iwe ayelujara ti Duro ti awọn Duro jẹ gidigidi yatọ. Awọn orin ti o baamu ni afikun pẹlu awọn ti awọn aṣa. Awọn oju-iwe ayelujara ti ko ni oju-iwe ti o yẹ. There were more testimonies and the utilization of social media in the United States. Awọn orilẹ-ede Nlaerisi ṣe afihan awọn ifarahan wakati pupọ nigba ti awọn United States nlo awọn alaworan fiimu lati fi alaye sii.

O jẹ ọna-ara ati awọn iṣowo ti awọn orilẹ-ede Dutch nigba ti awọn America ti sọ awọn ẹwa ati awọn ẹda. Ni afikun, iyatọ jẹ ninu awọn aaye ayelujara ti awọn aaye ayelujara ṣeto.

Irisi ijinle sayensi

Several scientists 'explanations include Hofstede's five-dimensional dimension, which designate preferences on Web design. Wọn ti gbiyanju lati ṣe alaye yi aṣa. Awọn companies individually ati awọn ẹgbẹ ti o fẹjọpọ fẹ imọran oju-iwe ayelujara ti o yatọ si oju-iwe ayelujara. Images or text on a button, the use of one person or group in an image are some of the preferences explained that divide online buyers. Ko si imọ-imọ-imọ kan ti o ṣe afihan asa ti o jẹ daju ti o jẹ ojuṣe ti awọn acheteurs online.

Awọn ilọsiwaju si la diversité culturelle

Ni afikun si SEO, oju-iwe ayelujara ti o wa ni oju-iwe ayelujara wa nigbati olubẹwo ti o ni ipo iṣowo. Aṣàwáàrí lórí ojúlé wẹẹbù le ṣe ìtẹsíwájú láti ṣe ìpínlẹ àti àyẹwò ojúlé náà sí àwọn ohun tí ó dára ju èyí lọ.

Sites, which are aimed at international markets, should take into account cultural neutrality and multilingual approach while applying SEO standards. Bakannaa, the key to success is to understand differences and to conduct primary research on target markets.

November 27, 2017